About EARNet

Over the period of the last twenty to thirty years a significant body of auditing research has developed in Europe, covering a broad range of topics, studied in varying environments. However, we believe that its quality could be further enhanced by combining research efforts and co-ordinating research activities. Furthermore synergies provided by the variety within the European Research Community could be realised.

In order to benefit from this potential we founded the European Auditing Research Network (EARNet) in April 2000. It is intended to foster research and exchange ideas among auditing scholars and researchers on a European level. The objectives of the Network are as follows:

1. Promotion of European Auditing Research (primary objective)

  • Exchange of ideas via Internet:

    • Review/comments of drafts of research papers

    • Demand/offer of presentation opportunities (e.g. workshops)

    • Provision of platform for the initiation of research co-operation

    • List of European auditing researchers

  • Advice concerning the publication of papers in refereed international research journals

  • Support of access to research funds

  • Promotion of young auditing researchers

  • Organisation of a conference every second year.

2. Contribution to European Policy Making (secondary objective)

The success of this network depends on a broad participation of european auditing researchers. We would like to invite you to join the Network. In case you are interested please fill in this registration form.