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The European Auditing Research Network, EARNet, founded in 2000, intends to foster research and exchange ideas among auditing scholars and researchers in Europe. Its primary objective is to promote European auditing research, including supporting auditing researchers in their early careers. EARNet also aims to contribute to European policy-making in the auditing area.

Starting January 2022, EARNet will organize a bi-monthly online seminar series.
Participants get the opportunity to present their early-stage work and obtain feedback in a friendly and constructive environment. The target audience of the online seminars is young European scholars (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, or non-tenured assistant professors).

Both research proposals and full working papers are acceptable for presentation.
Presented research should, however, not yet be submitted to a journal. There are no restrictions in terms of topic, methodology, or method, other than the main focus of the presented research needs to be on auditing (in a broad sense).

Presentations are 30 minutes (uninterrupted), followed by an invited discussant (15 minutes), and Q&A and discussion by other participants (20 minutes). If you are interested in presenting your research, do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Seminar Submission: 
Mara Cameran
, Bocconi University


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