Online Seminars

Since January 2022, EARNet (European Auditing Research Network) has organized a bi-monthly online seminar series. Participants get the opportunity to present their early-stage work and obtain feedback in a friendly and constructive environment. The target audience of the online seminars is young European scholars (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, or non-tenured assistant professors).

Both research proposals and full working papers are acceptable for presentation.
Presented research should, however, not yet be submitted to a journal. There are no restrictions in terms of topic, methodology, or method, other than the main focus of the presented research needs to be on auditing (in a broad sense).

Presentations are 30 minutes (uninterrupted), followed by an invited discussant (15 minutes), and Q&A and discussion by other participants (20 minutes). If you are interested in presenting your research, do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Seminar Submission: 
Mara Cameran
, Bocconi University

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